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The well is the foundation of a community’s life, not only due to the life saving and giving power of water, but of the words and fellowship surrounding the well. The well is where the community gathers to share information, knowledge, and news. The well is where someone goes when they need help, because they trust in the good of humanity to present itself next to the life force of water.  Our Well is a coalition of individuals and entity partners who seek to see the planet heal and rediscover its true potential in love and happiness for all.

The Difference

Well Products

We are committed to developing and providing innovative health and wellness products that will help you live your best life. With an emphasis on plant medicine we believe the earth has immense healing for our species. 


Get Well

We are developing a platform that provides for and encourages healing on every level. We are restructuring “recovery” into “rediscovery”. Stay tuned for more this year, or Contact Us to get involved.

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Our Story

When two caring minds met one magical Saturday, my now wife and I knew we could change the world. The health of the planet and her species was recognized as the primary purpose for living. We knew that by pouring our love fully into building a powerful catalyst for healing, we would reap the rewards in a healthier planet for our children to grow in. Well is a coalition of products, businesses, and platforms seeking to bring healing to our planet and her species.

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Creating Partnerships All Over the World

We don’t see anyone as competition because we realize that we all do better together. 

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